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At Paradigm Home Health Care Services, we offer customized care for the health requirements of the client at home.

We believe that even if the client is home bound, he or she should not be exempt from the privilege of receiving quality Home Health Care.

Paradigm Home Health Care provides quality service to our aging populations individuals with developmental disabilities so they can function as independently as their capabilities will allow, live their own lives, and make their own choices and the decision about their lives. Whether we are serving an adults or children we help people reach their highest level of independence.

The nursing and personal care staff at Paradigm Home Health Care is diversified in various healthcare specializations which mean that the varying needs of our clients can be effectively met by our personnel. Services can range from complex nursing procedures, companion services  to basic personal care by a nursing assistant. We can also facilitate case management or care coordination through local social workers and or support planning agencies.

Home Care and Staffing

Home Care Services

Personal Care Attendant

Geriatric Care

Pediatric Care

Dementia Care

Compaion Service

Light House Keeping

Skilled Nursing Care

IV Therapy / At Home Blood Draws

Complex Wound Care/  Wound Vacs

Chronic Illness Management

Respite Care

Transportation Service

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